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“My promise is to be there for my clients every day.”

About Me

The best part of my job is the clients I work with. Every day, I meet and am inspired by new clients who plan to fulfill their dream of helping others by starting their nonprofit organizations. Former clients include heroes who have fought and survived wars, and are now helping others deal with PTSD; heroes who use fitness and sports to keep at-risk youth off the streets; heroes who provide free dental care to those who cannot afford them; and heroes who want to feed and provide shelter to the homeless in their communities.

I am honored and proud to be a part of these stories and to help these everyday heroes to achieve their dream of building their nonprofit organizations. Together we have built over 100 amazing organizations and will continue to do so every day at Blue Field law. Unlike typical practices, Blue Filed Law is committed to providing a low all-inclusive rate in order to make nonprofit status accessible for everyone regardless of socioeconomic background.

My promise is to be there for my clients every day, accessible to answer any questions, thorough and diligent with all the required documentation, and determined to get the work completed as quickly as possible. If you’re ready to start building your dream, allow me to be there for you too. We’re in this together!

Touria Mobin
Attorney at Law

CA Bar License # 309347

register non profit california

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    Your nonprofit in record time for $2500 Period.

    You get all this for one fixed price including ALL government fees
    You pay $500 when we deliver

    1. Onboarding to start the work
    2. Incorporation, Filing Articles of Incorporation
    3. Bylaws and EIN Drafting Bylaws and obtaining Employer Identification Number
    4. Filing with Internal Revenue Service, IRS Recognition and 501(c)3 tax exempt status
    5. All filings with Secretary of State, Department of Justice, and Francise Tax Board
    california non profit organizations

    Success is guaranteed or all your money back!

    The total cost of doing the same work can be as high as 5 to 10 thousand dollars

    california non profit organizations

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      The entire process is done online with email and phone

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      Non Profit Formation

      The non profit recognition process is document intensive and involves a number of governmental agencies including the IRS and the Franchise Tax Board. The process takes about 4 to 6 months from start to finish, including the time it takes to receive your 501(c)(3) recognition form the IRS and the State of California. The first step is incorporation in CA which requires an organization to have bylaws and at least three board members.

      Our job is to make sure that your organization successfully receives its recognition as a non profit within this time frame. This means that we take care of all of the documentation to all of the governmental agencies, as well as all compliance documentation and the drafting of the bylaws.

      Get your 501(c)3 recongition or all your money back!

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        5 Star rating from every single client in 5 years!


        forming a nonprofit

        One of the best quality was the quick turn around of the registration and I referred another organization and they had the same great experience.

        Niosha Nafei-Jamali

        california non profit organizations

        "Extremely knowledgeable and helpful, reasonably priced and good customer service."

        Kirk Mulhearn

        Goodquest Foundation

        "Touria Mobin and her team at Blue Field Law were instrumental in getting our nonprofit idea off the ground as a company and be able to raise donations."

        Mojgan Momeni

        World Innovations Network

        "Touria was remarkable in advising me on every step of the process. If it wasn’t for her we wouldn’t be able to get our non-profit legally off the ground and established."

        Shabnam Farzaneh
        non profit organizations

        "Beyond expectations! I had a great experience. I just looked her up online and called her. She was amazing! We had a lot of questions and she never got frustrated."

        Kalpana Prabhakara

        "Everything Blue Field Law has done to get me up and running was quickly handled and highly professional THANK YOU BLUE FIELD LAW"

        Sonja Deaun Williams

        Breaking Bread with Grieving Families
        california non profit organizations

        "I reach out to Mrs. T. Mobin to file a NFP organization, she was hand on, few questions then before I know the NFP was filled and all documentations came our way."

        Reza Dabestani

        Neeyaz Inc.

        Touria Mobin, Made our experience exceptionally fantastic. We always received quick responses, and it was quite unusual to get communications after hours and weekends which we really appreciated from Touria.

        Carlos R Arvizu Sr.

        Goodquest Foundation

        "Not only did Touria do all the hard work but she educated me on the steps and process that was done. I really appreciate it and now because of Blue Field Law I can save more kids lives on a daily. Thank you so much again."

        Stephanie Aldridge
        california nonprofit bylaws

        Working with Touria Mobin Blue Field Law to form our non profit was a complete pleasure. Touria is an Attorney who communicated the complex process of forming a non profit, easy to understand.

        Jeannine Lewis


      • Our Privacy Policy

        This Privacy Policy describes Our policies and procedures on the collection, use and disclosure of Your information when You use the Service and tells You about Your privacy rights and how the law protects You.

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      • Why should we work with Blue Field Law?

        Unlike other businesses, non-profit formation is the only thing that we do. We are 100% committed to the success of our clients, now and in the future. We have a 100% success rate (every organization we have worked with has received their non-profit recognition) and we have a 5-star rating.

      • Do you have a guarantee that this will work?

        Yes! We sign a contract with you providing a guarantee that your organization will successfully receive its non-profit recognition both from the IRS as a 501(c)(3) and the State of incorporation, or we do not charge a fee.

      • What does the package include?
        • Drafting of the bylaws
        • Drafting of conflict of interest documentation
        • Incorporation application with the state of residency
        • All federal and state compliance documentation as well as with the non-profit application to the IRS
        • Non-profit application to the incorporation state
        • Initial registration documentation with the DOJ
      • How much does this cost?

        We offer an all-inclusive, comprehensive package which includes all the documentation needed for your organization to successfully receive its non-profit status from the IRS and the state of incorporation, for a flat service fee of $2500.

      • Why do other organizations like Legal Zoom only charge $400?

        Legal Zoom and others do not disclose that $400 is only the first step in a series of steps necessary to be recognized as a non-profit organization. You will have to pay for every step as you go along the process which will cost thousands of dollars more.

      • Am I working with an attorney who can give me legal advice?

        Yes. We are always here to answer any legal questions relating to forming your non-profit organization. You will work one on one with an attorney specializing exclusively in non-profit formation at all times.

      • How long will it take before I am recognized as a non-profit organization?

        The process typically takes between three and six months. We work as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure that you receive your recognition as a non-profit organization in record time. We have obtained recognition for clients in as little as two months.

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