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“My promise is to be there for my
clients every day.”

The best part of my job is working with every day heroes! I have the honor of meeting clients who dream of helping their communities by starting nonprofit organizations.

I am honored and proud to be a part of these stories. Together we have built over 100 amazing organizations and will continue to do so every day at Blue Field Law.

We are committed to providing a low all-inclusive $2500 flat rate in order to make nonprofit status accessible for everyone regardless of their unique backgrounds.

My promise it to be there for my clients every step of the way. To answer every question, provide all the required documentation, and get the work completed as quickly as possible.

Let’s make your nonprofit dreams come true together!

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      San Joaquin Kannada Sangha

      Beyond expectations! I had a great experience. I just looked her up online and called her. She was amazing! We had a lot of questions and she never got frustrated.



      We Rock With Talent

      Not only did Touria do all the hard work but she educated me on the steps and process that was done. I really appreciate it and now because of Blue Field Law I can save more kids lives on a daily. Thank you so much again.



      Dentists On Wheels

      Touria was remarkable in advising me on every step of the process. If it wasn’t for her we wouldn’t be able to get our non-profit legally off the ground and established.

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      Goodquest Foundation

      Extremely knowledgable and helpful, reasonable priced and good customer service.