Non Profit Formation

The non profit recognition process is document intensive and involves a number of governmental agencies including the IRS and the Franchise Tax Board. The process takes about 4 to 6 months from start to finish, including the time it takes to receive your 501(c)(3) recognition form the IRS and the State of California. The first step is incorporation in CA which requires an organization to have bylaws and at least three board members.

Our job is to make sure that your organization successfully receives its recognition as a non profit within this time frame. This means that we take care of all of the documentation to all of the governmental agencies, as well as all compliance documentation and the drafting of the bylaws.

In short we guarantee that your organization will receive its non profit status from the government or we will give you a full refund. We have a 100% success rate, which means that every single client we have represented has received their non profit status.

The fee, plus governmental application fees, charged by our office includes drafting of the bylaws, all compliance documentation and the filing of all applications with all governmental agencies. You pay nothing more!

Your Non Profit 100% Guaranteed

As an assurance to you we sign a contract guaranteeing a full refund if we are not successful in helping your organization to receive its non profit status.

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