Employee Turnover: 4 ways to stop it

Employee turnover is a long-standing problem within the nonprofit world. Many employees go into this work because of a love for the cause or mission but are deterred from continuing in the nonprofit sector when the organization they work for doesn’t even have a plan for employee retention. Those Nonprofits have a reputation for not […]

6 Free and Amazing Resources for Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations function differently than a normal business, most of the time with limited funds and trying to get the most out of every dollar. The good news is that there are so many free resources out there at your disposal. These are some of the best free, or basically free, that will help with […]

5 Simple Website Strategies for Your Nonprofit

Having a strong website design is important in getting viewers to stay on your site, but putting them in the frame of mind of either needing your nonprofit’s service or donating to your nonprofit. Let’s start with the home page, this is the first thing viewers see when visiting your website. This is the first […]

Testimonials and Stories for your Nonprofit

It is incredible the power a story can hold for your audience. Testimonials and stories can be used for your nonprofits website, fundraisers, campaigns, and marketing purposes. Collecting strong and inspirational stories can inspire your audience to aid in your cause. They are necessary to gain trust, support, potential clients, and future events. Without testimonials […]

5 Fun and Rewarding Holiday Programs for your Nonprofit

Programs are vital to a nonprofit’s success. However, as a nonprofit, the season of giving is an opportunity to hold unique seasonal programs with great rewards! This a time when many people are looking to help out their community and give where they can. This year the holidays are going to be different for many […]

6 Creative Ways to get Donations During a Pandemic

For many nonprofits, the Coronavirus pandemic has led to a lack of donors, sponsors, and all-around support for their nonprofit. However, others, have continued to find success. Here are X things you can do to continue receiving donations and continued support for your nonprofit during the pandemic.  While many organizations have had to cancel their […]

Hiring Successful Nonprofit Employees: 4 things to look for

When you begin hiring people for your nonprofit, it is vital that they not only have a certain skill set but certain fundamental qualities as well. After all, working for a nonprofit is much different than working in any other industry. Unlike other industries where many of the employees, as much as they love their […]

3 Important Marketing Platforms Every Nonprofit Needs

Overview: Social Media Email SEO & Google Ads Marketing is unique when it comes to nonprofits. Not only do you need to market to potential donors and sponsors, but you also need to market for community engagement, volunteers, and most importantly the people you plan to help.  However, marketing tactics is a discussion for a […]