• Launching too early
  • Not being vocal (loud enough)
  • Not dedicating enough time
  • Not creating relationships
Launching your Nonprofit too Early

You’ve incorporated your nonprofit, received your 501(c)3 status and are ready to start helping people! Well, take a step back a moment. Just because you have the items that make you official doesn’t mean you are ready.

In order to launch your nonprofit properly you should have the following (the basics):

  • A website
  • Programs in place
  • Social media accounts
  • An email and email marketing platform

If you don’t have a website for users to visit then your marketing and PR initiatives are useless. Your programs and how they run is what will bring those who need help to your doorstep (as well as help receive donations). Your social media accounts are what are used to spread information, offers, and other news quickly and efficiently. Your email and email marketing platform is how people will reach you directly as well as you reaching those who need you specifically. These are the basics that you should have set up in order to properly launch and not get buried!

Be Vocal on What you are Doing

When you’re just starting out, you may be tempted to be very quiet about your nonprofit for a variety of reasons. Whether it be you’re shy, you don’t want to sound pretentious, you don’t know how to share what you are doing or whatever it may be. Don’t! You need to share your nonprofit with anyone and everyone. Social media, friends, family, work associates, businesses, and anyone else you can. This is how you grow and get recognized. Word of mouth is extremely powerful so do not be scared to talk about your nonprofit.

Not Dedicating Enough Time

The most important time for your nonprofit is in the beginning. If you are not dedicating enough time to your nonprofit and its programs it will get pushed to the side and forgotten about. Many nonprofits are created because someone has the desire to help others or a certain movement, but when it is not their full-time job and is something they do as a passion, it begins to fade and is forgotten. To make sure this does not happen, you should dedicate and hour a day to improving it, Either marketing, helping new clients, making new programs, or whatever you need to do. Just make sure you are dedicating at least an hour a day to your nonprofit.

Creating Relationships

One of the most important parts of a nonprofit are the relationships it has with other individuals, businesses and government. One of the quickest ways to promote and receive donations is to create relationships with powerful individuals. It may be difficult to do in the beginning but there are a variety of ways to do so such as simple emails, asking to leave flyers in their business and slowly creating a relationship, network events, etc. Again, this is extremely important to make these relationships as it will help you grow and help more people along the way.

Creating a Solid Foundation

These are the basics your nonprofit needs to properly launch. There are always other things, however, as long as you have these you can create a strong foundation to help grow properly. Some of them may be difficult to do, but remember you are gaining new skills, and your goal is to help others so it is okay if it is a slow start. You are doing something great by creating a nonprofit to help others. Even if it is just a few people you help, you are making a difference in those peoples lives!

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