For many nonprofits, the Coronavirus pandemic has led to a lack of donors, sponsors, and all-around support for their nonprofit. However, others, have continued to find success. Here are X things you can do to continue receiving donations and continued support for your nonprofit during the pandemic. 

While many organizations have had to cancel their fundraising events, from Galas to silent auctions, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to continue to fundraise during this difficult time. Here a couple of ideas that might help your nonprofit raise funds:

Donations Through a COVID Response Program

As an organization look for a need in your community that has come from the aftermath of the pandemic. A few ideas might be to collect donations that will be used to buy facemasks, hand sanitizers, or other provisions for local shelters.

Reach out to partnerships and sponsors so that they can get the ball rolling and as always involve your community by asking for donations from them as well. Add a fun factor by having the community nominate where your donations will go.

Donations Through a Virtual Silent Auction

A very common fundraising event that many organizations do is hold a silent auction. Thanks to the technology of today there is still a way to hold a silent auction! Start by gathering your auction items. Reach out to local businesses and organizations and see if they are willing to donate items, services, or classes to your auction.

Next, create a website or start a social page just for your auction, this is where you will put all of your auction items for bidders to see. Share your auction with as many people as you can, the great thing about it being online is you are not just limited to those in your area.

The more people who bid will give your organization an opportunity to raise more money. Remember to set an end date for your auction and whoever bid the most for the items wins!

Donations Through AmazonSmile

A simple, low effort but very effective method of fundraising is to use Amazon’s donation program AmazonSmile. Register your 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with AmazonSmile, a simple process that asks for your organization’s documentation to verify you qualify as a nonprofit.

Once your nonprofit is registered you can start sharing with everyone that they can now support you through AmazonSmile. People who choose to support your organization in this way just need to make sure that they use the AmazonSmile page and are supporting your organization.

This is such an easy way for individuals to support your organization that is at no cost to them since AmazonSmile will donate 0.5% of eligible purchases to your organization. 

Donations Through Live Stream Concerts

Many people are looking for entertainment during this time, give the people what they want and put on a live stream concert! Find a popular local band that your supporters would enjoy and show up to watch. Set up a donation portal, this can be done through PayPal, Facebook donations, or your own personal website.

Viewers in attendance have the opportunity to enjoy good music and donate all at the same time. Remind your artist to bring up donations and your organization frequently between songs, as this will help keep donating at the forefront of the viewer’s minds. 

Donations Through A Virtual Charity Run

Get your community moving while still raising money by holding a charity walk/run. There are many ways to go about monetizing these events. A few methods would be to have people buy or donate for a ticket to the event or to have them pledge how many miles they plan on completing. 

Make sure that you always thank your donors, sponsors, and everyone who participates in your events. It’s a difficult time for everyone and we are all just trying to stay safe and keep our doors open

Donations Through an Online Q&A

Have people submit questions and then board members, the management or team members can answer the questions. Questions can be regarding the organization, employees, or silly ones just to have fun! Periodically remind people to donate to your organization and what the donation will help with.  

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