When starting a nonprofit, you need to do your research. More specifically, you should find out what types of organizations there are, how they operate, market themselves, and of course their area of focus. There are so many different types of organizations that some are bound to crossover with what, and how they do things. Take the time to learn so that you can apply some best practices to yours. Here are a few nonprofits that are new, or have some time under their belt (this excludes major ones such as United Way and others). 

Nonprofit Examples

Foundation for an Independent Tomorrow

Foundation for an Independent Tomorrow (FIT) is an organization focused on helping former criminals, or the underemployed in reentry and gain employment. What is unique about how FIT was formed, is that it started as a scholarship foundation. Essentially they gave money in order to help individuals through training programs. As time continued, and through making connections, they developed into one of the leading nonprofits in Las Vegas. Now with multiple different programs and solid operations, they help thousands each year get back into the workforce. Getting to this point requires making connections, using all possible resources, and a hardworking team to manage the client flow. 

Family Crisis Center

The Family Crisis Center is focused on helping families, children, and other individuals in need and who suffer from domestic abuse and sexual assault. Apart from their core mission of helping these individuals, they aim to educate the community in order to reduce domestic abuse and sexual assault situations. They provide free resources such as a 24-hour hotline, shelter, community resources, and more. This type of nonprofit requires a patient and tactful approach. These individuals have suffered and are looking for comfort and support and should not be treated as a number. Numbers often lead to donations, supporters, and grants. Be sure to properly handle each situation.

Unity Community Initiative 

Unity Community Initiative (UCI) is focused on community development and bringing communities together. They have 3 main programs; a community scholarship for those seeking higher-education, which focuses on ways to improve communities, A mentorship program that provides mentors in a variety of career fields, and a pipeline program that prepares individuals to become forest responders. These simple programs are a solid foundation and provide help to the rising generations so communities can become stronger. 

Learning From Others 

One of the best ways to create and run a successful nonprofit is by learning from others. You can try and wing it, but that can go south real quick unless you already have business and management experience. Creating a solid foundation is key to success in almost anything that you do, and nonprofits are no different. By doing your research, finding organizations similar to yours, observing their programs and how they manage them will help you by leaps and bounds once yours is up and running. It also gives you the opportunity to make changes or adjust how you do things if you and other local organizations are too similar. 

Blue Field Law

If you have done your research and figured out not only the type of nonprofit you would like to start but have an idea on how to run it, now is the time to make it! Blue Field Law has a 100-percent success rate in getting nonprofits legally incorporated. From obtaining your articles of incorporation, 501C3 status, bylaws, and everything else you could possibly need. We help you every step of the way, making sure you are successful and can begin your dream of helping others, communities, and making a difference!  


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