Programs are vital to a nonprofit’s success. However, as a nonprofit, the season of giving is an opportunity to hold unique seasonal programs with great rewards! This a time when many people are looking to help out their community and give where they can. This year the holidays are going to be different for many families because of Covid-19, and your nonprofit can help ease their burden and make this holiday season a little more joyful for them. As a nonprofit organization, there are a variety of seasonal programs that you can organize and run for your community depending on the needs of your specific clientele or the community that you are located in. 

Here a few ideas of programs that your organization can run to help out your community:

Program: Hold a Toy Drive

This is in general an excellent program for any nonprofit, especially during the holiday season. A toy collection to be used as presents for your nonprofits clients, or families in your community. You can reach out to businesses or community partners about them making a larger donation whether that be in the form of toys or a monetary donation that can be used to purchase toys. Find a group in your community that has children in need where your toy drive will have a positive impact in bringing holiday joy to those children.  

Program: Run a Food Drive

Similar to the toy drive program, use your resources to collect food for your nonprofit clients, families in your community, or community food banks. There are multiple ways to run a food drive but a few ideas are to have a collection box in your office where employees or people coming to your office can drop off items, reaching out to businesses for donations, or even partnering with a school for them to put boxes out in their school and parents can send their students with items if they can. 

Program: Winter Coat Drive 

Everyone deserves to be warm during this time of year when the weather gets colder. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a warm coat. Holding a winter coat drive is a great program that can help many individuals in your community. Start a collection for gently used still in good condition coats. These can then be donated to specific individuals, homeless shelters, or other organizations that could benefit from the coats. 

Program: Adopt-a-Family Program

This is a great way to help specific families that your organization helps. Have your team members start to identify families that would be good candidates for “adoption” early on based on criteria that your organization has determined. This could be families that are facing a difficult time financially or have encountered a hard time recently in other regards. 

There are a few ways to go about fulfilling the adoption. The first is to collect donations for these families in the form of physical items or monetary. The second is to have board members adopt a family or two. Lastly, connect with community partners to collect items for the adopted families. The gifts for the families can be from a wishlist of theirs or items that your organization has been able to collect. Give the adopted families their gifts wrapped up and ready for them so that everyone, parents included can get a special surprise.

Program: Throw a Holiday Party

Host a holiday party for your clients, invite their families, and have some fun with everyone. Set up stations of games, crafts, and food for everyone to enjoy. This program is a great opportunity for your clients to get to know your staff in a more relaxed setting creating that rapport that is necessary to better serve them. It also shows your organization in a different light, bringing some joy to an environment that may sometimes seem intimidating for some clients.

Be The Program Others Need You To Be

Use this holiday season to continue betting your community with seasonal programs, finding needs to fill, and doing your best as an organization to help others. Remember, your nonprofit does not need to have one, or a few specific programs that are set in stone. If you see a way to help others, do it! You should be thinking about what’s to come, what is needed right now, seasonal opportunities, and so on. Being a nonprofit, you have the ability and know-how to do what others want to do, so use it to your advantage. 

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