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Marketing is unique when it comes to nonprofits. Not only do you need to market to potential donors and sponsors, but you also need to market for community engagement, volunteers, and most importantly the people you plan to help. 

However, marketing tactics is a discussion for a different day as there are many. What you will need are marketing platforms to be able to accomplish your future marketing tactics. These marketing platforms will be vital as you continue to grow and will need ways to reach the masses or funnel in new clients, donors, or sponsors. Below are 3 marketing platforms that your nonprofit will need. 

Social Media

If you haven’t already, create a social media account for your nonprofit. It should have been one of the first things you did before launching. A social media account holds a number of benefits, for example, it allows you to reach your followers quickly and easily. 

It is also an easy, and free way to gain new followers and create shareable content that will allow your current supporters to share with their friends (i.e events, programs, scholarships, etc.) 

Social media also allows you to connect with those in your own community of supporters. You can see what they like and don’t like. What they need and what program isn’t doing what you hoped for. If they have questions they can message you directly and you can also respond to comments. 

This will not only help the individuals but will show others that you are just as engaged with them as they are. Never underestimate the power of social media and engagement (even reviews).

Finally, as social media in one of the best marketing platforms (in all its forms), doing paid advertising is one of the most powerful forms of reaching people. You can make sure all your followers are seeing what you are posting, their friends, people interested in your nonprofit, or perhaps a specific group of people. 

It is important to remember that with this type of marketing a bit of experimentation will take place. You will have to figure out what works and what doesn’t as well as remembering that this will cost money. Be sure to research or hire someone who is very experienced in social media marketing. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool for all businesses. For-profit or nonprofit. Why? This allows you to see what programs are peeking people’s interests, who are engaged, and what you may need to adjust with your business. 

With email marketing, you can create lists, convey information to specific groups for events or activities, market new programs, or simply have a newsletter on what’s new. 

SEO & Google Ads

One of the most powerful and underutilized marketing platforms is your website in connection with Google ads. Whenever you want something specific and you start searching for it on the internet, there are dozens of results.

 Ever wonder your search engine decides what to put in front of you? SEO and Google ads (if you’re using Google). SEO (search engine optimization) is done through coding and copywriting. 

If your website is using the right headers, and the right keywords (there are some other things such as backend coding and PR) the search engine will look at your site, how well it is put together, how well it is written, etc. and if you have done a good job, the search engine will put you on the first page of results, even better, at the top of the first page! 

Google Ads is also a powerful marketing platform as it allows you to use keywords and phrases and will put an ad with your message in front of the right people. This is important as it will show you what people are looking for in your area, improve how you convey your message, and give you an overall look at your business by just using these ads! They can be cheap or expensive, it depends on the subject/item as well as the area so be prepared.

Things to Remember About Marketing Platforms 

As powerful as marketing platforms can be, it is important to remember that it is not a miracle worker or solves all problems. It does not mean that new clients or donors will be at your doorstep. However, as you continue to learn about each platform, how to use them, creating ideas, and how to reach the people you are looking for, you will see amazing results. 

Also, when marketing, you may want to do all of it free, but at one point, in order to truly see results, you will have to spend money. If you look at big nonprofits like United Way, thousands are spent on marketing. Be smart, study, and find the best way to market your nonprofit. There are tons of marketing platforms out there so find the best one that fits your needs. Good luck! 

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