Nonprofit organizations function differently than a normal business, most of the time with limited funds and trying to get the most out of every dollar. The good news is that there are so many free resources out there at your disposal. These are some of the best free, or basically free, that will help with your nonprofit’s social media, graphic design, professionalism, and PR. 


Canva makes creating great visual graphics accessible to everyone without the need of hiring a professional designer, which not many nonprofits can afford to do. Canva is filled with templates to chose from or create your designs for a range of materials like social media posts, flyers, presentations, and many more. You have the added benefit of creating your branding kit that will help keep all your creations on brand and consistent. The best part is all of this free to registered nonprofits. 


Hootsuite makes managing your nonprofit’s social media all from one place. With the free plan that Hootsuite offers you can manage 3 social accounts, schedule up to 30 posts at a time, along with analytics to help you have the best social media platforms out there. Hootsuite does have paid plans that offer other features but the free plan offers enough for any nonprofit to benefit from signing up. 


Google offers a free G-Suite for Nonprofits that will allow your nonprofit organization to not only use your domain name for email addresses but gives access to Google’s many apps. G-suite offers paid plans for nonprofits as well but the free G-Suite for Nonprofits is still a great option for your organization. The greatest benefit is having a professional email from your organization’s domain. This helps greatly in showing your organization’s credibility and professionalism. 


Slack allows you to create a virtual workspace for your team. This a messaging app that helps in making communication and collaboration between coworkers easier. You can create channels for teams, projects, or ideas that can either be for everyone on your team or privately shared with specific team members. There is also the option for direct messaging. The benefit of Slack is that all of your team communications are all in one place rather than an array of sources. The free plan is completely free, but eligible nonprofits can get the standard plan (the first paid option starts at $6.67 per user per month) for free or at an 85% discount. 


MailChimp helps in creating and sending email campaigns, making the process simple for those with little to no experience. This is a great resource for nonprofits who send out emails regularly or are wanting to get into doing so. MailChimp is free to users with a mailing list that is less than 2,000 email subscribers. They have plans that do cost money and offer greater benefits, but for a nonprofit, that is just starting out or is still growing their following the free plan is more than enough. 


Grammarly is a helpful resource that checks your grammar, punctuation, and spelling. It can be used on their site or as a downloadable extension to your computer that will then edit wherever you type.  This is useful for emails, newsletters, social posts, and basically anything that your nonprofits puts out in writing. Grammarly is a free program for their most basic plan which covers your grammar, punctuation, and spelling; which is more than what you need. Their other programs get more detailed as far as style and tone of writing and a few other features, but if all you are looking for is ensuring that your writing is proper their free plan does just that. 

Find What Works For Your Nonprofit

There are so many resources out there available to nonprofits. Many programs have an already established plan for nonprofits, others might not have one yet. However, it never hurts to reach out to their customer service and see if they offer some kind of discount on programs that you are interested in. With all the programs that are out there, try to focus on the ones that will truly benefit your organization and help you grow in the best ways possible.

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